T4 Hardening Line KNC/V+KLV

The LAC KNC/V+KLV semi-automatic hardening line for processing aluminium castings is a combination of two units; a furnace, and a cooling bath. This fully-automatic aluminium alloy heat treatment production line is designed to increase efficiency and productivity. It is suitable for the solution annealing of aluminium alloys with quick cooling in bath using water or water, water and a polymer. It can also be used for the following processes: artificial ageing, water bath quenching, curing, and various other types of annealing.
The furnace is equipped with a trolley for handling the movement of the charge from its basic working position to the lift and then into the quenching tank. The trolley moves along rails mounted on, or that are embedded in, the floor. The process is controlled by a programmable PLC that corrects the course of the temperature curve and the temperature of the water in the bath while synchronising the motion of the furnace, the door and the loading of the charge basket. This automatic line is fully-automatic and places a minimum of demands on the operator.

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