New 1000L High-temperature Furnace


LAC has completed a high-temperature bell sintering furnace VP 1000/17 with maximum temperature of up to 1700°C and internal volume of 1m³ for the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited . The temperature uniformity in steady state is ±5°C and the load capacity of the device is deigned to handle up to 100Kg.The charge is loaded from the front and the up and down movement of the furnace bottom is controlled by a motor.

The furnace is heated with Kanthal Super MoSi2 heating elements and there are a total of 24 U-type MoSi2 heating elements in the chamber. The furnace top is equipped with an automatic ventilation valve. The furnace temperature is measured by a type S thermocouple. It also has a independent safety limit unit for protection in case of overheating.

The furnace is regulated by a SIMATIC PLC S7-1200 control system with a 7” TP700 operating touch panel, which can synchronize with the movement of the furnace bottom and make adjustments. On the touch panel, users can set the temperature and heating up time and all movements are scanned to activate acoustic and optical safety alarms if ever needed.

Type: VP1000/17
Max. temperature: 1700°C
Working temperature: 1400 - 1600 °C
Temperature uniformity: Δt10°C
Volume: 1200L
Internal dimension: 1100 x 1000 x 1100mm
Useful working space for temperature uniformity: 800 x 800 x 800mm
Weight 3500kg
Load: 100kg
Voltage:3/PEN 400/230V AC 50Hz

Note: The temperature uniformity is as measured when the furnace temperature has reached a steady state.


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