The CHTZ Work Station is here!

The new CHTZ work station a flexible solution for carburizing, nitriding, tempering and annealing, as well as other heat treatment. Recently, workstations have been installed in two Czech Republic locations;
Galvamet spol sro in Vsetin, Czech Republic. This company does laboratory testing and supplies equipment for the aerospace industry and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VDA 6.1, AS 9100, Nadcap, etc. The firm and also holds certification from the Czech Republic National Defense Standardization Office. The company is also accredited by the National Quality Certification Center. They are using the CHTZ workstation in their aerospace testing and research laboratory.

The CHTZ small workstation has also been installed and is in use at the University of West Bohemia which is using the work station for testing and materials research.

The new workstation is suitable for carburizing, nitriding, carbo-nitriding, tempering, as well as general heat treatment and chemical heat treatment of metal parts, especially for heat treatment of high quality parts requiring improved physical properties. The charge treatment can be done completely under a protective atmosphere, effectively minimising the possibility of deformation. The entire process is fully automated and requires little operator intervention. This workstation is an ideal choice for small workpieces that require stringent heat treatment requirements.

This workstation has a feature that its airtight front chamber protects the quenching tank from oxidation. The sealed front chamber prevents the workpiece from coming into contact with air during heat treatment and quenching when it is placed in the furnace.

Carburizing and carburizing can be carried out at temperatures up to 950°C. Then the charge can be hardened by cooling in the oil bath. When the temperature reaches 650°C, nitriding and carbo-nitriding can be performed. The tempering furnace provided for tempering and annealing, can reach up to 850°C, depending on the furnace type selected. All the equipment is easy to operate, with 2 contact panels and 1 operator panel for controlling the movement of the robot. For multiple device configurations, MaR and ROZM control cabinets can be used to control the entire process.

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