December deals on Muffle Furnaces

In December 2019: LAC Asia is offering special deals on LAC high-resistance laboratory muffle furnaces.Though in the heat treatment branch, the term Muffle Furnace is often used to describe all sorts of laboratory chamber furnaces, muffle furnaces are actually a specific furnace type with high mechanical and corrosion resistance. The muffle materials is designed to effectively protect heating elements against all sorts of corrosive substances. 


                                                           LMH                                                                                               LMV

    Both the LAC LMH and LMV are muffle furnaces. The difference between the two furnaces is the different loading methods. LMH is horizontal loading and the LMV is for vertical loading. The high-resistance muffle functions are the same. Their stainless steel structure provides ventilation while preventing the evaporation of water and gas during the firing process, and this significantly reduces the temperature of the shell. The temperature distribution is uniform, and the top-of-the-line insulation material is highly energy efficient, quickly achieving the required temperature and lowering energy costs. The furnaces both feature very even temperature distribution, meeting DIN 17052-1 standards. With high precision temperature control, the furnace's solid state relay achieves smoother and quieter operation with minimal impact on peripheral equipment.

       So, under what circumstances do we need to choose a “real" muffle furnace? 
      When testing materials with corrosive substances or aggressive gases, we generally choose heat treatment equipment with a muffle lining. This will effectively extend the life of the furnace and reduce the need for changing the heating elements. Heating elements that are damaged by exhaust and corrosive gases have to be replaced. Using a LAC muffle furnace means saving both time and money while ensuring optimal temperature distribution in all laboratory testing.


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