Heat treatment furnace PP for 3D printing

Additive manufacturing technology (commonly known as 3D printing) is widely used in many fields. It is based on digital model files and uses adhesive materials such as powder metal or plastic to construct objects by printing layer by layer. In the process of layer-by-layer stacking and re-solidification of materials, tissue stress and thermal stress occur, and often deformation and cracking will appear. Post-heat treatment improves the internal structure; eliminating defects, and optimizing performance of 3D printed products. For this reason, post-heat treatment has become a key technology in the additive manufacturing process. The PP furnace produced by LAC is designed for tempering treatment of aluminum components under atmospheric conditions, resulting in greatly improved component quality.


Aluminium components produced using AM technology are processed at temperatures ranging from 150 °C and 450 °C.
PP chamber furnaces, with a max. temp. up to 450 °C, feature forced air circulation and ideal temperature distribution. These furnaces are suitable for pre-heating, artificial ageing, annealing and internal stress relieving.

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