[ Gravimetric Furnace LG ]
The LG gravimetric furnace is a combination laboratory furnace, precision laboratory scale and software for the identification and evaluation of decreases in the charge weight. Measurements are output as a thermogravimetric curve documenting weight loss of samples as correlating to temperature and time.
The LG furnace can test different biomass as well as certain types of waste such as RDF, plastics and paper etc.
Standard Furnace Equipped with:
  • Ht40P controller (10 programs, 15 steps)
  • Digital scale with precision 0,01 g
  • manual door opening downwards?heating elements in ceramic panels?mineral fiber insulation panels?ventilation chimney for ventilation of the furnace chamber
  • type 'S' thermocouple
  • contactless solid state relays for silent operation?door limit end switch for safe opening of the furnace
Optional accessories for additional charge:
  • HtIndustry / Ht205 controller (30 programs of 15 steps each)
  • injector with an exhaust fan and draft diverter for the extraction of fumes (only with HtIndustry / Ht205 controller)
  • protective atmosphere inlet 
  • calibration of controller input measurement ?interface RS232 or EIA485 (including cable and software)?HTMonit set (software and interface)
Note: Always consult with our technical office when combining optional accessories.
Warranty: 24 months                                                                                                                                                          
Model  T max**
Tmax for long-term
Outer dimensions
Inner dimensions
input Weight Protection* Voltage
  °C °C l mm mm kW kg   V
LG 09/12  1200 1100 9.4 490x720x515 190x170x290 2.8 34 16/1 230



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