[ Salt Bath Furnace KSL ]
The KSL salt bath furnace is instrumental to the quick warming-up of steel parts before hardening without scaling. By adding the appropriate salts, it may also be used for salt bath hardening for thermal and isothermal hardening. in addition to hardening and salt bath hardening, other applications include cementing and tempering of tool steels under protective atmosphere.
This furnace is designed for scale-free fast heating of steel before hardening, and is capable of a quick heating rate to maximum temperature. The KSL hardening salt baths are very easy to operate, and have the added benefit of flexibility; they can also be used for salt bath hardening as well as heating or cementing.
Standard equipment of the dryer includes:
  • Ht40T controller (3 programmes with 10 steps each)
  • limit unit
  • ammeters for checking the state of the heating elements
  • residual current protector
Optional accessories available at additional cost:
  • charge thermocouple with protective steel tube (with option to connect to a regulation system or an independent display unit of the customer)
  • crucible (not included in base price)
  • measuring loop calibration
Note: When combining accessories for an extra fee, consult with our technical office
Warranty: 24 months*
*Excluding crucible and other consumables. Note that warranty is not provided for the charge thermocouple protective tube, and its service life is very short; approximately one month.
  Furnace type     Tmax ?     Volume in L     External dimensions  
  (w x h x d)mm  
KSL 20/11 1100 20 950x790x950
KSL 40/11 1100 38 1100x1135x1100
KSL 80/11 1100 90 1400x1300x1300
KSL 360/11 1100 400 1600x1900x1600
*Protection times can vary depending on accessories added (at additional cost). Subject to technical changes.

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