[ Muffle Furnace LMH ]
Volume: from 4 - 11L
Max. temp. 1200°C
LMH furnaces are used for a wide range of laboratory tests in medical, dental, hygienic, ceramic and glass labs, and also in other industries. They are very suitable for testing in which a very precise distribution of temperature at DIN 17052-1 is needed and also where quick heating to the desired temperature is required. Applications include material heat treatments, fritting tests, calcinations, softening or material sintering point setting and the firing of samples.  The LMH standard design includes a door opening upwards, closed ceramic muffle, S thermocouple, HT40A controller and cooling ventilator. Optional accessories include rotary table, exhaust fan, graphic temperature recorder, RS interface, temperature cycle recording software, INDUSTRY controller and inlet of protective atmosphere.  Benefits of the LMH line include a reduced jacket temperature, no contact between charge and heating spirals, dynamic temperature curve regulation, and low power consumption.
Optional accessories for the LMH include:
exhaust fan
graphic temperature recorder
RS interface for connection with PC
temperature cycle recording software
INDUSTRY controller
inlet of protective atmosphere for one or more gases
The standard LMH muffle furnace line is equipped with:
  • door opening upwards
  • closed ceramic muffle
  • S thermocouple
  • Programmable HT40A controller
  • cooling ventilator
Some benefits of the LMH muffle furnace:
  • no contact between charge and heating spirals
  • optimal temperature distribution at DIN 17052-1
  • top insulating materials
  • low power consumption
  • reduced jacket temperature
  • high-accuracy. programmable temperature control
  • quick achievement of required temperature
  • silent operation
  • top quality and safety standard 
Warranty: 36 months
Type LAC t-max Volume
External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Input Circuit
Weight Voltage
  °C l mm mm kW A kg V
LMH 04/12 1200 4 490x540x720 170x90x275 3 16/1 43 230
LMH 07/12 1200 7 490x540x720 170x170x275 3 16/1 46 230
LMH 11/12 1200 11 570x540x720 255x165x255 3.5 16/1 53 230

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