[ Vertical Chamber Furnace KNC/V ]
Volume: from 270 - 2000L
Max. temp. 650°C/ 850°C
The KNC/V is a vertical chamber furnace with forced horizontal air circulation. It is suitable for a wide range of heat treatment applications including tempering, artificial ageing, preheating, hot connecting, batch testing and drying. The KNC/V line is designed for use under normal atmosphere. The metal interior muffle allows for dustfree operation and ensures very precise temperature distribution according to DIN 17052-1, making it ideal for use in the glass industry.
Chamber furnaces with forced circulation of internal atmosphere are used for all types of heat treatment (tempering, artificial ageing, preheating, hot connecting, batch testing, drying, etc.) under normal atmosphere, where a very precise temperature distribution and dynamic progress of temperature curve are required.
  • horizontal circulation of the internal atmosphere ensures even temperature distribution in the internal furnace chamber, allowing the furnace to be set to meet the DIN 17052-1 standard.
  • high-quality insulation materials result in low furnace operating costs and the dynamic progress of the thermal cycle
Standard equipment of the furnace includes:
  • INDUSTRY controller
  • Limit unit
  • Hydraulic sliding door opening to the back
Optional accessories:
  • Graphic temperature recorder
  • Interface RS232 or EIA485 to connect the controller to a PC
  • Manually controlled ventilation flap and manually controlled suction flap
  • Ammeters for checking the condition of the heating elements
  • HtMonit software set (including interface + software)
  • Software for recording and monitoring the temperature cycle (only for INDUSTRY controller)
  • Optimization of the temperature field to meet DIN 17052-1 ΔT 10°C in the inner space of the
furnace (in empty furnace)
  • Calibration of the measuring system
  • Protective atmosphere inlet
Atypical accessories:
  • Charging frame with shelves or other equipment
  • Automatic suction or ventilation flap
  • Exhaust fan
  • Overpressure ventilation
  • Decrease or increase in the furnace power input
  • Pneumatically operated sliding furnace lid
  • Opening lid (placed on hinges, hydraulic opening)
Guarantee: 24 months                                                                                                                                                 
TypeLAC T-max Vol External dimensions  (wxhxd) Internal dimensions  (wxhxd) Input Weight Voltage
  °C l mm mm kW kg V
KNC/V270 650 270 1600x1200x2300 700x650x600 18 360 380
KNC/V540 650 540 1800x1300x2500 900x750x800 24 600 380
KNC/V1000 650 1000 1700x1600x2700 1000x1000x1000 36 890 380
KNC/V1500 650 1500 2200x1600x2700 1500x1000x1000 60 1240 380
KNC/V2000 650 2000 3200x1600x2700 2000x1000x1000 75 1750 380
KNC/V 270 850 270 1700x1300x2400 700x650x 600 24 380 380
KNC/V 540 850 540 1700x1400x2600 900x750x 800 36 630 380
KNC/V1000 850 1000 1800x1700x2800 1000x1000x1000 48 930 380
KNC/V1500 850 1500 2300x1700x2800 1500x1000x1000 64 1290 380
KNC/V2000 850 2000 2800x1700x2800 2000x1000x1000 90 1830 380

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