[ Furnace PKR ]
Volume: from 24 - 230L
Max. temp. 1000°C
These gastight chamber furnaces with retort are especially appropriate for the heat treatment of materials in a controlled atmosphere (argon, nitrogen, forming gas, etc.) with low gas drain, and also for bright annealing, tempering, soldering, and steel powder sintering. The PKR standard design features a stainless steel gas tight retort with water cooled collar, overpressure gas outlet, inlet of protective atmosphere for one gas, safety terminal switch on door, S thermocouple, semiconductor non-contact switch relay, INDUSTRY controller with limit unit, pressurized cooling.  With automatic flap and a furnace stand.
The standard LAC PKR furnace line is equipped with:
  • stainless steel gastight retort with water-cooled flange
  • overpressure gas outlet
  • inlet of protective atmosphere for one gas
  • safety terminal switch on door
  • S thermocouple
  • semiconductor non-contact switch relay
  • INDUSTRY controller with limit unit
  • pressurized cooling with automatic flap
  • furnace stand
Optional accessories for the PKR furnace line include:
  • temperature recorder
  • RS interface for connection with PC
  • temperature cycle recording software
  • air-pump
  • charge thermocouple
  • spare retort
  • manovacuometer
Some benefits of the LAC PKR furnace line:
  • minimal inert gas and power consumption
  • top insulating materials
  • optimal temperature distribution at DIN 17052-1
  • high-accuracy. programmable temperature control
  • quick achievement of required temperature
  • silent operation
  • top quality and safety standard
Warranty: 24 months
Type LAC t-max Capacity Internal retort dimensions
Internal chamber dimensions
Input Weight Voltage
  °C l mm mm mm Kw kg V
PKR 35/11 1000 24 220x260x450 290x315x600 1400x1450x1300 11 400 400
PKR 55/11 1000 30 320x200x450 400x250x600 1450x1450x1300 13 570 400
PKR 130/11 1000 75 450x200x700 500x250x900 1450x1450x1550 21 950 400
PKR 180/11 1000 110 500x340x700 550x400x850 1650x1650x1550 29 1050 400
PKR 350/11 1000 230 700x340x1050 750x450x1150 1800x1750x1850 50 1350 400

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