[ Ht40 AL ]
The device allows the controlling of the temperature to a constant value or preset using a single program. Regulation to a constant value can be activated or disabled, according to requirements.The program can be launched with a defined time delay. Measurement accuracy of ±0,1% from the measuring scope (min.540°C), regulation accuracy of ±0,1% The HT 40AL features one auxiliary output for controlling an additional function signal; ie end of program signal, program operation, end of program signal and also has a configurable alarm output (limit temperature monitoring). The controller can be equipped with a RS232 or ELA485 serial conmmunication line. The device can be connected to a PC using the series communication line. and the course of the measured and desired temperatures can be displayed on a PC using HtMonit software (ie the program temperature curve can be stored in the mermory of a PC). This controller provides automatic setup of the PID parameters of the control loop.
  • Simple program PID controller with two ramps
  • 1 measurement input
  • three control outputs
  • communication line
  • simple program (2 x ramp-up, 2 x soak)
  • possibility of delay in starting the program
  • running a program using the keyboard
  • simple operation 
  • 3 years guarantee


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